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Re: Typhon Pact Series

It's a bit of a problem what one considers as being part of the Typhon Pact series... Of the original 4 novels (I'm discounting the ebook, as I have not read it), I'd say Zero Sum Game was also my favorite, because of the insights into the Breen. I found Seize the Fire largely forgettable and a bit bland, and Paths of Hisharmony nice if a bit timid given its eventual outcome (and I'd very much looked forward to reading about Shar again, and wished he'd gotten more screen... eh, page time).

As for Rough Beasts of Empire... I was originally very critical of it. You'll appreciate it much more when viewed in context with Plagues of Night and Seize the Dawn, so I'd advocate reading them as a trilogy. And Brinkmanship was just pure awesome.
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