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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Just now beginning to recover from this hectic past three days.

Thursday's shoot was a success. My thanks to Jeffrey Green and Abby Evans for being there and ready to roll. Jeremy Ellenberg was sick and unable to make it, so we'll have a makeup session with him and Abby in the beginning of January. We have almost completed the required shooting for "Do No Harm."

The same is true for "We Few." Thursday evening, we filmed Jeff in the ready room for his scene. There MAY be one extra shot needed, or not. We'll have to see. But we need Jeremy's presence on the viewscreen to finish that production. And lastly, Jeff did a pickup for "Just Once."

Friday's shoot was terrific. My thanks to Leslie Lewis, Rachel Riemke, Ande " An D Rew" Ross, Ashley Longacre, John Wallace, Sara Higgins Mackenzie, Dakota Dodge, Jeff Green and Guest Star Thomas Miles Goosmann for their performances. This was a special episode for me in particular as this was the first time folks will take notice of Miles. It's his work on the bridge that made moving it from the first studio to the current one a huge success.

On Saturday, we began filming "The Last Child," a 30-min episode. We completed filming on the teaser and Act I with Abby Evans, Rachel Riemke, Ande Ross, Ashley Longacre, John Wallace, Chris Gilstrap, Dakota Dodge and Jeff Green. This was actually a great shoot; we got to do a couple of sequences that are right out of the original series. We will continue shooting this episode either in March or May, depending on the availability of the cast members.

Our next major shoot is scheduled for January 18th, and will feature Jack Zumwalt, Alex Everett, Jim Everett, Jessie Riaņo, Robert Ladimer, Ashley Longacre, and Isha Mckelvin as the Klingon crew of the eponymous "Battlecruiser Kupok." Call is for 9:00am. Makeup will take at least 90 mins. I'm hoping we can get some interested folks to help with the makeup! Shooting will commence at 10:30am and last until 1:00pm when we'll take a lunch break for 30 mins. Shooting will recommence at 1:30pm and last until 5:30pm. It's my hope we will have the shoot completed by then, if not earlier. Construction for the Klingon bridge set will take place the week of December 30th.

The second unit for "Battlecruiser Kupok" will shoot possibly on January 25th or February 1st or 8th, depending on the availability of Romulan cast members: Sub-Commander William C. Searcy, Centurion Eric Holt. We're looking for a couple of other Romulan crewmembers with non-speaking roles: tall, skinny. Males need to have goatees. I'm also looking for help with costuming for the Romulans. I have the material; I need the tunics made. They aren't going to be difficult; they're just giant T shaped tunics with shoulder pads. (I'll post a pic below.)

Lastly, we're looking for a few things to be donated to the production:
1) a pair (or more) of identical shot glasses for Captain Grigory's ready room
2) five "faux" intercoms for use on the corridor set (non-functional, of course)
3) Lowes gift cards for the purchase of materials to construct the Klingon and Romulan bridge sets (got one yesteryear in a Christmas card, in fact!)
4) and lastly, a 12' wide piece of carpet (brown, green, black, or other earth tone) of at least 12' in length -- doesn't have to be new

Guess that's it for now. We're wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
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