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Re: Sci-fi meshes hacked ?

Yeah, I just discovered why Sci-Fi Meshes isn't working. Evidently, a group of Muslims with a need for attention hacked it, and has blocked all of the proper content (or deleted? Oh lord, I hope the site manager made a back-up). I've been looking through their archives for months now (lots of cool stuff, a good portion of which is Star Trek related), so I kept coming back all week, with no progress, hoping it would get fixed. Looks like that might take a little longer than I was hoping.
Now, I'm as willing to take a listen to their argument as the next person, but they're doing it in the wrong forum! Which I think is bull by the way, because I believe that their God Allah is probably the same God as the Hebrew and Christian God (or members of the same extraterrestrial race, if your Ancient Astronaut theorist, but then, maybe I've been watching too much Ancient Aliens on H2).
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