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Re: Would a series set after voyager have been more of a success

I don't understand why Berman and Braga just didn't quit when the studio demanded a million things they didn't want to do. Instead of becoming a slave to the studio's demands they should have kept their dignity intact and leave - or at least threaten to do so. By obeying every wish the studio made they robbed themselves of their dignity.
Besides, a prequel show was the worst idea they could come up with. Prequel movies are mostly rubbish (see Star Wars), but they only last two hours (thank heavens for that). It was inevitable to get in contact with all the races that are part of Star Trek, otherwise they would have discovered 50 new races that were never heard of in TOS, TNG and so on. It was doomed long before the pilot aired. Sorry to say so, but it's the truth.
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