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Re: United Trek Story Archive

The Star Eagle Adventures
by CeJay

Join Captain Michael Owens and the colorful crew of the starship USS Eagle as they go boldly where no one has gone before. Set primarily pre and during the Dominion War. Below links go to where stories are available as single ebook downloads or anthologies.

- Tempus Fugit (n)
- Eternal Flame (n)
- Prelude to War (vignettes)
- Cry Havoc (n)
- Star Crossed (na)
- All The Sinners, Saints (n)
- Crossing Over (vignettes)
- Shadows in the Haze (n/in progress)
- Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle (n)
- My Everything (ss)
- Beyond Acheron (nt)
- The Longest Day (nt)
- Ship of the Dead (nt)
- Horizon Protocol (nt)
- Celestial Fire (nt)
- The Sins of the Father (ss)
- When Gods Smile (ss)
- The Times They Are A-Changin' (ss)
- Who Saves the Saviors? (ss)
- Close Encounters (ss)

more to come soon ...
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Now with a complete United Trek story archive.
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