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Re: More popular worldwide: Trek or Doctor Who?

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Is there even a current tv sci-fi series of any real note on right now besides DW? Or even in the last few years? There's not a whole lot of mind-space competition, really. I wonder how good DW would be doing if there were another (or more) sci-fi show of similar quality continuously in the US/Canada since Enterprise ended. Battlestar Galactica took that role for a while, but it's been over for a while.

Also, DW is a geek show, while Trek is a nerd show. That's not to disparage either show, but they have somewhat different, though often overlapping, audiences (see: this thread).
SyFy has Continuum, which I have not seen but really should, and it has Defiance, which is shaping up to be quite a good show. Beyond that, there is Almost Human and Revolution, but they are very light scifi, and I didn't much like the latest season of Revolution. Really, though, after the last Battlestar Galactica and Stargate ended, Doctor Who is the only major scifi franchise left on TV.
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