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Re: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Trailers, Discussion, Pics

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Although, it's interesting in that the original war between apes and humans - which led to the original film as we saw it - apparently did not happen until the 25th or 26th centuries. So perhaps things could go differently this time around.
In many ways it would have to be different. One of the aspects of the original was Taylor (and the audience) not knowing he was really back home on Earth. Since they can't repeat that part of the story it does give them creative room to do something new.
Good point. There's no point in remaking POTA since the twist ending has been common knowledge for over forty years now. And the new movies are already forging their own continuity--unless I missed the part where a spaceborne virus wiped out all the dogs and cats--and apes became a slave race in the 1990s!
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