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Re: Would a series set after voyager have been more of a success

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[plus fans now liking it better than the current movies]
While I'm sure there are groups that do feel this way, I don't believe it's more than a small minority.
Point taken. However, the media focus on those fans at the convention in San Fran saying that STID was the worst Star Trek movie ever seems to suggest that these fans are in the majority more than anything else. .
That fan poll in SF was wildly overplayed by the media. Only a minuscule fraction of the fans at that particular convention even voted in the poll and I believe the people running the poll had an axe to grind against the new movies, so the whole thing was pretty much meaningless; it just got a lot of press because "Trekkies Hate New Movies!" is a sexier headline than "Trekkies Have Wide Range of Opinions on New Movies!"

Similar polls, conducted at other Trek conventions, have yielded different results. So it can't be stated conclusively that "the fans" preferred Enterprise--whatever that means.

In real life, of course, the idea that "the fans" speak with a single voice and all want the same thing is ridiculous. As this board proves every day, we're an opinionated bunch--and we never agree on anything!
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