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Re: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Trailers, Discussion, Pics

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One of the aspects of the original was Taylor (and the audience) not knowing he was really back home on Earth. Since they can't repeat that part of the story it does give them creative room to do something new.
Why can't they repeat it?

I mean, obviously none of us can know exactly what happens in Dawn, but I'm just guessing that there'll still be room for a full-out nuclear conflict (which is what happened in the original).

And even if it's not nuclear: There will be *some* kind of final conflict, we know that much. That's the whole point of all Apes films: to establish a world where apes rule and humans are slaves. We don't know how Dawn will get there, but it's pretty safe to assume it will. It'll do something to humans to make them unable to speak and act like anything other than animals. (I mean, come on, why else use the phrase "Planet of the APES"? ) And thus lead to a reboot of POTA.
Judging by the trailer, the catastrophe has already occurred in the form of the viral pandemic that began in 'Rise'. Presumably a massive chunk of humanity is dead with only a handful of survivors who are presumably immune.

The only missing step between this and something akin to the state of affairs we saw in the original is humans devolving in intellect and loosing the power of speech.

For my money, a virus specifically designed to affect the human brain is a much more credible explanation than "they blew it all up." A Nuclear War as the cause was just a reflections of the fears of the time it was made, just as a global pandemic is for today. The difference is a pandemic makes more sense in context.

Has anyone actually read the original book? I haven't but from what I gather it's not Earth at all but one of those parallel Earth's 60's sci-fi authors were so fond of and the cause was just that the old human civilization had become so stagnant and decadent that their "ape slaves" revolted and exiled them into the wilderness. IIRC the twist is that by the time they get home, thanks to time dilation in the intervening centuries the same thing has happened here.

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