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Re: USS Kelvin Cutaway (WIP)

Well, I'm not sure I CAN convince you, then, haha. From a strictly size point of view, it "works" moved forward, but there are a host of problems, I think.

As I mentioned before, there's a lot of evidence that it doesn't belong in a forward position, and really no compelling evidence that it does. Only one shot in the movie shows enough detail to actually verify that there are windows at all on the front of the module.

Furthermore, from my studies, I don't think the ceiling fits if you line the bridge windows up with the exterior windows. It might fit, but it'd be just barely. I really think that you need the dome to fit the bridge in properly with the given evidences for deck heights.
On the subject of windows, the windows don't actually match too well anyways. The relative width of the bridge is about 1/2 of the width of the module it's in -regardless of where it sits therein. The windows on the exterior circle therefore have a wider arc than the inner windows - something that doesn't appear to be justified onscreen.

As far as size figures, all we have to go on are photos and the floorplan from two separate monitors. One showing detail of the bridge module, and the other confirming the overall scale of the ship, and its relative relationship with the size of the bridge, which I've faithfully preserved to the best of my ability in my graphic. (Essentially, the bridge is about the same width as the dome in the middle of the saucer)

The bridge is a 14-sided polygon with three levels and two doors. There is also enough detail in the floorplan graphic to see the captain's chair which is the only set piece from the Kelvin that we have a definitive measurement for. It's 3 feet 1 inch wide, and using that as a measuring rod, we can get an approximate (close enough for our purposes) measurement of 24 feet for the bridge diameter.

That's where the "concrete" ends. The rest is 100% best guess. But there's a surprising amount of data to go on. But until (if ever) official blueprints get into the hands of the public, it's going to be all we have.
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