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Re: Would a series set after voyager have been more of a success

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As true as that is, Berman and Braga still mishandled things with Enterprise. Studio-mandated or not, the TCW was what the pilot episode was essentially about and should have gotten more attention throughout the series than it got. Instead, there's only a handful of episodes and in the end nothing is resolved.

At least with Enterprise's first season it seemed as though some effort was being put into the show. The TCW was featured in something like four episodes and we had a couple developing a conflict between the Vulcans and Andorians. Unfortunately that all gets essentially ignored in the second, with the TCW and Vulcan/Andorian stories each only getting one episode and the rest of the season was meaningless standalones until the finale introduced the Xindi, and that was another story mandated by the studio.

I normally say that Berman and Braga are unfairly vilified by fandom, and for the most part I do believe that. However, Enterprise is a show they really dropped the ball on and it can't be a coincidence that the best season is the one where they handed the reins over to another writer.

And no, I don't think another 24th century show would have done better. As much as Berman's "franchise fatigue" comment upset fandom, there is truth to it. Star Trek had been running continuously for nearly 20 years on TV and in movies. It needed a rest. Berman and Braga have since said that if Enterprise had the kind of writing in the first two seasons that it did in the last two it might have done better, but I don't know. The last season in particular only really appealed to hardcore Trek fans, and I really don't see the ratings being any different for Enterprise's early seasons had the been handled likewise.
Very good points, and of course there is blame for Braga and Berman as well. I just believe that their original premise had more potential then what it ultimately became.
It certainly had potential, but I'm not sure if Berman and Braga could have captured that potential, even without studio interference. The two of them were essentially burnt out on Trek by the time Enterprise came around, after all and there wasn't really very much interest outside fandom's inner circle of hardcores.
I disagree with this, and IMHO, will say that Enterprise was wrecked by UPN dying like it did (I'm sorry, but a group of fans almost being successful at raising money to keep the show going and a prominent U.S. Senator loving the show, plus also wanting it to come back, as well as great ratings while being rerun on SyFy [plus fans now liking it better than the current movies] is not a big failure by any stretch.) I'd also say that fans wanting it to be like BSG and going gonzo over BSG (despite its flaws) wasn't much of a help.

As for its bad episodes, these weren't any worse than the bad episodes of other TV shows, except for the fact that Trekfans can be hyper critical.
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