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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 85: Certifiably Insane?

Cardassian: You are free to go home to your wife.
O'Brien: What? Already? What if I told you I'm a changeling bent on galactic domination?

Kira: Has anyone seen Odo? I want to report the laundry service, they've shrunk my uniform again.
Kira's Uniform: Tee hee!

I'm beginning to think that Gul Bunny's Tanning Emporium has all been some kind of elaborate hoax.

First: Gee, ten sexy coeds and a terrified Jem'Hadar, guess who the hook killer is going to impale first.
Second: Do not go in the barn!

Gowron: Could you recommend us a qualified hairstylist? We discommodated our last one for numerous split end offenses.

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