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Just Finally Finishing "A Time To..." Series

I bought all the books as they came out, but after the first or second book I just... stopped. I'm not even sure why. I think it was how they treated Picard and Data. It unnerved me, possibly? Anyway, I never finished. But I finally am doing so now. Good books. I'm about 3 chapters into the final one now. Must say, reading them as we're getting "The Fall" books, I'm looking at the president chief of staff story and feeling in a time loop a bit... :P Also feeling worse about Bacco.

Anywhom, it's made me appreciate Vale more. But it's also made me realize that in spite of great writers crafting good stories for post-Nemesis TNG books, the lack of the familiar (or even a long-term set) senior staff has really been a hindrance over the past half-dozen years or so to the Enterprise-E. Oh well. Nothing to be done about it by me or anyone who reads this, likely, lol.
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