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Re: "They're just trying to decide whether a twenty year-old Klingon B

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It's been a while since I watched it, but one interesting part that came to my mind now is how extensively Kirk OWNS Picard -- in The Movie Where The Two Captains Meet At Last.
SFDebris talks about this in his review and brings up many great points. In the opening, Kirk manages to mount a rescue mission in an unequipped and understaffed ship, rescue 47 people from the doomed ship and sacrifice his life to safe everyone on the Enterprise B.

When we meet Picard, he is late in rescuing all but one survivor on the observatory station who just happens to be the villain, considers allowing said villain back onto the station, manages to lose his Chief Engineer and let Soran escape with the Klingons and grows over confident that his "Federation Flagship" will be able to handle a century's old design Bird of Prey. The ONLY THING that Picard manages to succeed in doing is figuring out where Soran's next target is, which was a mistake because in doing so he basically sent his ship, his crew and all their families to their deaths.

When the trailers showcased this film as a literal "passing on the torch", Picard not only drops it multiple times, he winds up holding the thing upside down in the end.
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