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Re: "They're just trying to decide whether a twenty year-old Klingon B

It's funny how everybody hates that stinking movie, but for different reasons.

It's been a while since I watched it, but one interesting part that came to my mind now is how extensively Kirk OWNS Picard -- in The Movie Where The Two Captains Meet At Last.

Picard comes to him with one of his trademarked speeches and he does not give a f*ck. Kirk doesnt stop for a second to listen to him, he makes Picard go after him all around the house, he makes Picard hold his kitchen utensils, he lets Picard talking while he enjoys the eggs, the thoughts about Antonia, the horse riding, he makes Picard ride a horse after him, and when he eventually he decides to go back (bad decision btw), it's not because of all the speech about duty and shit, but because it "sounds like fun". The only part when he bothers to acknowledge Picard is when the latter talks about heroics, and Kirk tells him to shut up because he wrote the book about Star Trek heroics when Grandpa Picard was still in diapers.
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