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Would a series set after voyager have been more of a success

Than Enterprise?

As much as I liked enterprise, it didn't resonate with the casual audience as much as the other Treks seemed to.

We hadn't had a "traditional" trek show set in the alpha quadrant since TNG ended in 1994. With DS9 being set on a space station, and more concerned with War, politics and religion than exploration and discovery, and Voyager being well... voyager.

What I think they should have done, is gone back to what worked best, have a ship of exploration, and it could have dealt with the aftermath of the dominion war, as well as using new technology that voyager had discovered.

you could have brought back classic trek villains like the tholians and the gorn, maybe pushed out into the beta quadrent.

I would have moved with the times too, cast an attractive younger actor as the captain, someone in the vein of a michael fassbender.
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