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Re: Star Trek Alternate History

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Well, if Earth got turned into a post-apocalyptic hellhole like we saw in First Contact ...
WW2 killed about 3 percent of the Human population, Star Trek's WW3 killed 6 percent. It's doubtful that the entire Earth was turn into a "post-apocalyptic hellhole," more likely it was only isolated areas.

The argument can be made that America wasn't heavily effected by the war. Cochrane is building his warp prototype on a missile base, his silo is intact and non-radioactive. Cochrane prefers to travel by train, trains pass through population centers. We know that parts of San Fransisco from the twentith century are still standing in the future.

America may have basically sat out the war.

... with the entire world engulfed in factional conflict ...
By the middle of this century about 70% the Human population is going to be living in cities, given that "only" 600 million people died at a result of the war, the war most likely did not engulf the entire planet.

... and some aliens landed in a shiny new spaceship full of advanced technology, the first thing on MY mind wouldn't be to get drunk with them and start kissing their butts. It's much more likely I'd be dissecting them AND their spacecraft to ensure MY faction's continued survival.
Lucky for the Vulcans, they did land where they did then.

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