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ST:TMP Technical Details

I was reminiscing over the old TMP fly by. Listening to the music score and watching the detail differences between the original and HD, and it wasn't until I saw the HD that you can really appreciate the incredible detail and thought they put into the models.

Obviously the detail on this scene is from the giant sectional model they built.

Just this docking scene blows me away. How the mating receiver to the shuttle matches so exquisitely!

This is the HD Screen Cap from Trek Core.

This is the HD Screen Cap from Trek Core.

I should have posted the larger image. But if you to their page (4), you can see it more clearly.

And this is the standard version. The detail on the film is still great, but the screen cap doesn't have the detail I wanted to see.

I'd like to see more examples of this kind of thought.

But just this little scene alone makes it remarkable for me. Hence my remarks here.
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