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Re: The TWOK Enterprise's torpedo bay revisited

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Trek makes retcons all the time. You mention yourself the changes to photon torpedo systems between TOS/TMP and WoK. According to The Making of Star Trek, they weren't meant to be physical missiles at all.
I'm very confident that the description of the Enterprise in TMoST is one for the pilot version that was a little upgraded during the writing of "The Ultimate Computer". Already in "The Changeling" they were referring to certain numbered torpedoes, which suggests solid objects, IMHO:

KIRK: Ready photon torpedo number two, Mister Sulu.

So the solid photon torpedo is a concept already introduced in TOS (there was another TOS episode where Kirk specifically ordered which numbered torpedoes he wanted to see fired).

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You also mention the WoK novelization. If you've read TMP's novel, you'll know that Admiral Kirk's preface pretty much dismisses TOS as an inaccurate dramatizaton of Kirk's five-year mission (one wonders what Gene Roddenberry was thinking).
I don't know that. Kirk only feels that they were "painted somewhat larger than life", especially himself, and expresses discomfort of being idealized into an applauded hero which he thinks isn't appropriate.

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And we also know from various old interviews that Gene asked fans to believe that Klingons always looked as they did in TMP and beyond - probably Trek's biggest retcon ever, and one which surely extends to the look of their ships (which IMHO simply had a ton of detail added for the big screen) and the rest of the universe?

Where do you draw the line?
I think it's fair to say that the different look of the Klingons was quite a strange surprise back in those days but IIRC many of us were interpreting this as a different Klingon species (in simpler language their Neanderthals survived and co-existed). I don't know such interviews you mentioned but Gene Roddenberry was Star Trek's creator and if he decided to change a thing, this qualifies as a changed premise, IMHO, where changes induced by others are somewhat inevitably retroactive continuity.

My suggestion remains to take each Star Trek incarnation as its own, remain faithful to the context it was presented in and don't look too hard for a Grand Unified Theory.

Back to the original issue of this thread, I enjoy seeing an evolution from a forward photon torpedo launcher to one that also features an aft launcher (Klingon TMP Battlecruisers) and is eventually adopted by Starfleet, too.

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