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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

Month after the Kickstarter that trailer just brought the show bursting to life for me. It's shot beautifully and in HD, there is a lot of drama and it shows off new and old characters alike.

The uniforms have grown on me - of course they needed new ones as we've moved on since days of the First Contact ones, a hybrid of the TOS, Monster Maroons and TNG style.

It's great of course to see old friends like Tuvok and Chekov back in action and I admit being surprised (in a good way) to how different this is to Of Gods and Men. It feels fresh and new, aren't we lucky to have this in a world when JJ only produced 1 movie every few years?! Even so, I like JJ's films but at least this revives the prime timeline.

I admit I find it difficult to call it a 'fan film' when official are involved and the standard is so so high. To me OGAM is the seventh TOS film (even though the prologue of Generations is set before and is so important to the plot)

It leaves you thirsty for so much more, can't wait to see the finished pilot/movie!
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