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Re: 10 Reasons to Love Rom

Maybe Ferengi find hair disgusting. Us humans generally don't find, say, body hair of the level of a gorilla attractive. Ferengi don't seem to have any hair at all (besides the ears); they might find a full head of hair just as gross (initially) as we might find a bearded lady (or even worse, a lady with serious chest hair).

But with time and exposure, that initial revulsion would go away, especially for folks like Quark who deal with all sorts of aliens every day. Besides, the body shape besides the head is pretty much the same between humans, Trill, Vulcans, Bajorans, and Ferengi, so, like a lot of men, your typical Ferengi might just focus on the nice things from the neck down...

And there's always the deviants.
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