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Re: Invisibility, fusion and interstellar space

Buy your invisibility gear here:
All money goes to a nonprofit free writing and tutoring programme in NY. A really cool thing! (and a great source for unusual presents)

What irks me about the attempts to reach invisibility IRL is that it's all centered around military use. Humans appear to be terribly inventive when it comes to killing each other. I would so much rather see a peaceful and civilian use.
One could cloak ugly buildings or cell phone masts. Or if you are "equatorially challenged" you might wear a suit or dress that makes your peripheral parts invisible, creating the illusion of being 20 lbs slimmer. You could cloak yourself and your equipment when watching shy animals.
I would strongly advise not to cloak vehicles. First of all it might lead to accidents and secondly it's already difficult enough to find your car in a big parking lot or a basement garage.
I totally wouldn't mind if someone cloaked Dustin Bieber from head to toe (preferably never to be found again!).
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