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Re: The TWOK Enterprise's torpedo bay revisited

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I like the explanation put forth in the old novel Ishmael, where ancient tribal Klingons were enslaved by the Karsid Empire, which vanished mysteriously 600 years ago leaving the Klingons with ships and technology which they've been using ever since. It neatly explains why Klingons use the same ships in ENT as they do in DS9, why those ships are all complete rustbuckets (even the "new" flagship Neg'Var - perhaps it was newly found at a long lost Karsid outpost/shipyard?) as well as how the dysfunctional Klingons ever made it into space in the first place.
This is not unlike the background described in "Sword of Kahless" [DS9] when we learn that the Klingons were enslaved by the Hur'Q around the 1300s. I always envisioned the advanced Klingon tech having been figured out from looking at the Hur'Q stuff...

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