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Re: MLP:FiM S4E06 - "Power Ponies" - Grade & Discuss

Solid A for humour and story, a nice tribute to all the cheesey 60's hero shows and comics, a lot of classic Batman shout outs and Marvel satire.

Technically the only stand alone of the season not tied into any previous storyline, it did really well by itself and the villain had a great character design and really reminded me of all the old Batman villains of the weak, down to the lame puns and legions of henchmen.

Pinkie was so much better this week, and Rarity got a lot of good moments to herself, there was a lot of focus on Spike which normally I don't like, but luckily even that was well done.

Fluttershy losing it was awesome, the setup for it was predictable given her vocation but still, she was adorable and hilarious all episode.

Overall a good comedy/parody episode.
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