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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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So Trek XIII will be about the Borg with misquoted lines from TWOK and TBOBW homages. Hell, I'm sure they'll even include Commander Shelby, and if anyone does realize this makes no sense whatsoever a hastily added line will be written after the fact saying she's in fact an ancestor of Shelby from TBOBW. NuShelby will of course have an underwear scene which will be seen in all the trailers and promos. Orci will somehow have the gall to say this doesn't objectify women pointing to an earlier scene with Chris Pine shirtless to prove there is equality.
No doubt they'll also throw in stuff from First Contact too. Spock will probably get all angry because that's what he does in these movies and get to say Picard's "The line must be drawn here" speech. The Borg Queen will be a big breasted blonde who walks around in a silver space bikini.
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