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Re: Would a real life transporter technically be 'murder' ?

Suppose you had a precious family heirloom. Let's say it's a beautiful painting of your grandfather which was painted by your grandmother.

Now suppose a magician asks to use your painting in a local magic show. You agree.

In the show, the magician douses the painting with kerosine and sets it ablaze, leaving nothing but ashes. At the end of the show, what appears to be your painting is returned to you, no harm done.

After the show, you ask the magician how he did it. After further cajoling, he gleefully shares his secret. He has an expert painter in his employ who can create indistinguishable copies of paintings. The original painting was, in fact, consumed in the flames, but what matters was that at the end of the trick, an indistinguishable copy was returned to you.

Would you feel that you were wronged in this exchange?
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