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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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In regards to the Borg fighting against altKirk and crew, I have no problem with that. Enterprise (which is still completely 100% correct in this timeline as well) already established Borg tech pre-TOS, so Kirk and company coming up against them would be perfectly acceptable.

But why not throw the TOS crew up against Cardassians? The 2009 movie confirms Starfleet has meet the Cardies at this point, and it would provide audiences with something they've never seen before (TOS era Cardassians) without it feeling quite so... contrived as bringing in the Borg.
The Borg have more pop culture recognition than the Cardassians, so Hollywood suits would feel more comfortable with a Borg movie than they would a Cardassian one.
Oh definitely, but that's kinda what I mean. The inclusion of the Borg wouldn't feel like an organic (for want of a better word) decision on the part of the film-makers. It'd feel to me like a cynical marketing decision, rather than something that is in the best interests of the script. A little like using Khan did, in fact...
After seeing STID and how the original character John Harrison was just replaced by Khan for nothing other than "cynical marketing decisions" I'm convinced this series is nothing more than Hollywood suits making what they believe will be a marketable and profitable movie as opposed to writers with a script telling a story they want to tell.

So Trek XIII will be about the Borg with misquoted lines from TWOK and TBOBW homages. Hell, I'm sure they'll even include Commander Shelby, and if anyone does realize this makes no sense whatsoever a hastily added line will be written after the fact saying she's in fact an ancestor of Shelby from TBOBW. NuShelby will of course have an underwear scene which will be seen in all the trailers and promos. Orci will somehow have the gall to say this doesn't objectify women pointing to an earlier scene with Chris Pine shirtless to prove there is equality.
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