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Re: STEAM Winter Sale

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That would be good. I only have the Old gods, the Roman DLC and the ruler maker DLC.
The Old Gods is the one I really want because of the earlier start date, but I'd probably pick up Sword of Islam, The Republic, and Legacy of Rome as well if they were 75% off. Sons of Abraham is too new to go on sale, and Sunset Invasion is a bit too ahistorical for my liking.

Kestrel wrote: View Post
The Sons of Abraham has some fun stuff though I haven't explored it a whole lot. My Irish Joan of Arc was a lot of fun to have though. I've not seen this event chain happen, but reading about it...
Wow! And I thought that having my queen marry her cousin in order to inherit Scotland was weird. Hopefully it's a very rare event though, it would be annoying if every game had a demon-spawn baby at some point.
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