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Re: F1 2014 Championship Thread

Don't like some of the changes planned for next year

Double points for the last race.

Sometimes the championship goes to the last race sometimes it doesn't. Perhaps the FIA should suggest to FIFA that the last games of the season in Football get 6 points for a win, 4 for a draw and 2 for a loss.

Not keen on the idea of driver number, or at least how the FIA have outlined it. I might go along the route is that you're number is based on the position you finished in last years championship. According to the BBC site the idea behind allocated numbers is

The idea behind allocating numbers to drivers throughout their careers is to enhance their ability to exploit the commercial potential of merchandise.

Surely a counter-argument would be that with potentially a different number every year, you could sell more things like merchandise.

A new five -second penalty for minor infringements, isn't that what the drive through is for?, if it's more serious than that we already have the ten-second stop-go penalty. As it is stewards whilst better in recent years are still not consistant. Why not have full-time race stewards e mployed by the FIA so we have consistant penalties applied over the season.
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