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Re: The TWOK Enterprise's torpedo bay revisited

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I know you guys get picky about what counts and what doesn't in these discussions, but I should point out that according to Star Trek: Enterprise, that TMP Klingon battlecruiser is far from new.
Personally, I prefer to squint and pretend that they actually used the D4 design that was developed but not used for that episode.
I'm okay with the early date for the D-7. I'm a fan of Strategic Designs Starfleet Dynamics which has it that the Klingon starship designs go back to the Earth year of c. 1800. The idea is that Klingons don't usually totally replace a design, but prefer to endlessly upgrade it. SD tells us that some observed Klingon ships have components dating back over 300 years (from the 2290s... meaning those ships existed in some form as far back as the 1990s!)

I always thought that was a cool idea. Makes the Klingon ships different in a fun way. Not technically canon, but doesn't conflict with canon, especially given what we've seen in Enterprise.

I like the explanation put forth in the old novel Ishmael, where ancient tribal Klingons were enslaved by the Karsid Empire, which vanished mysteriously 600 years ago leaving the Klingons with ships and technology which they've been using ever since. It neatly explains why Klingons use the same ships in ENT as they do in DS9, why those ships are all complete rustbuckets (even the "new" flagship Neg'Var - perhaps it was newly found at a long lost Karsid outpost/shipyard?) as well as how the dysfunctional Klingons ever made it into space in the first place.

Robert Comsol wrote:
Actually, I had been wondering how long it would take a member of the retcon faction to weigh in.

Since I believe in "first come, first served" my starting point is the TOS Klingon Battlecruiser.
Trek makes retcons all the time. You mention yourself the changes to photon torpedo systems between TOS/TMP and WoK. According to The Making of Star Trek, they weren't meant to be physical missiles at all.

You also mention the WoK novelization. If you've read TMP's novel, you'll know that Admiral Kirk's preface pretty much dismisses TOS as an inaccurate dramatizaton of Kirk's five-year mission (one wonders what Gene Roddenberry was thinking). And we also know from various old interviews that Gene asked fans to believe that Klingons always looked as they did in TMP and beyond - probably Trek's biggest retcon ever, and one which surely extends to the look of their ships (which IMHO simply had a ton of detail added for the big screen) and the rest of the universe?

Where do you draw the line?
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