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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

91. American Hustle (B+)

David O. Russell continues his hot streak, though on the whole I think this movie is merely warm -- a good film with great acting, but not on the level of the three previous films of his that I've seen. The main thing holding it back is the plot, which never truly becomes engrossing. On a scene-to-scene basis, however, it delivers some very good character interactions. The cast are all in top form, with the standouts being Amy Adams (never sexier) and Jennifer Lawrence (hilarious). Bale is fairly low-key, but effective; Cooper is more high intensity, akin to in his last work for Russell. The script and Jeremy Renner's take on a corrupt politician is fairly novel for cinema; he's almost inarguably the most pure-intentioned person in the film, and in it to attract jobs to his cit.

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