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But as it looks bigjimslade is considering some minor improvements to his plans, so maybe for the 35th Anniversary of TMP next December we might see some really perfect renderings that could make it to the bonus section of an upcoming Blu-ray (hopefully better than that superficial CGI tour of the TOS Enterprise on the TOS Blu-rays).
I am going to go back into passive mode here. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me directly.

I've looked at a few things. I checked out the grid lines above the arboretum windows. I am not inclined to change that. You can see there is a slight upturn on the studio model. However, it looks to me like they may have altered the grids around the windows. It would be impossible for a straight grid line to be "straight" where the hull diameter changes. I'm sticking with the straight grid lines.

Most of the changes I made are to make the thing easier to build (fewer ACIS degenerated errors). For example, I switch to making the ramp that runs up the back of the torpedo section part of that section, rather than a separate piece. If you look casually, there should be no difference. If you line things up, there will probably be a slight difference.

The most noticeable change will be the hangar doors are going back to being circular rather than an ellipse so the grid lines there will be quite different.

I have switched from using Bezier curves to splines on the pylons.The pylon cross sections will be a bit fuller because of this.

There are some smaller detail changes. For example, I moved the lower, front edge of the pylon forward a bit where it intersects the warp engine (I see a photo that shows a discrepancy and I just have to fix it!).

Some old parts crept into the last version. Those will be replaced. I don't think there are many of them. The docking port details were one of those. The version out there does not show the opening for the shuttle doors to slip into.

I am going to be more artistic with the busy detail on the ship. I don't know how much of that will make it into the next version. The only thing I really dislike about the look of the refit is the busy detail.

I have not moved any windows so if you have window issues, let me know.

There are about 200 3D parts in the model. These combine to form 17 major sections. These then get combined to form the assemblies shown in the plan. An assembly might be the entire ship, parts of the engineering hull (for the cross sections), or just the bridge (one assembly).

Then I define the views of those assemblies (angle, perspective or other, cross section). Turbocad creates the views that you see on Cygnus from the assemblies. I don't draw them at all. A drawing of the entire ship takes several hours for Turbocad to create.

In fact, I have no drawings per se at all. If you look my files, in most cases it is impossible to tell what the finished part will be. The files just contain shapes and building instructions.

Then I take the TC-created drawings and lay them out on sheets in Illustrator.

You can see it's a long process. A simple change is not a matter of moving a line on a drawing. A simple change means restarting the production line.

The down side is complexity and management. The up side is that there is something to do 3D printing with and all the views are consistent with each other. In other words, the 3D model has all the information available that you need to create your own physical model. It's just a matter of extracting the information from the model.

FWIW. I'm looking for a good picture showing the strobe light on the warp engines. I have not seen a mounting there, just a bare light. Certain other plans show a mounting there but I'm not putting one there unless I see it. However, it is the kind of improvement I'd like to do.

Contact me directly if you have issues I might miss it if you post here.

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