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Re: Looking for books with space battles...

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There's a space battle scene in The Art of the Impossible, one of the Lost Era novels, that has stuck with me. I don't remember how long it is but I do remember it jumped back and forth between both sides. And it focuses on non-tv characters. There's only that one space battle that I remember but I like the rest of the book as well.
Yeah, the first several chapters of The Art of the Impossible culminate in a battle between Cardassian and Klingon ships, and there are a few other space battles here and there throughout the rest of the book.

Thanks for the kind words, Ronny.
I plan to read that one. For some reason, it wasn't listed as one of the IKS Gorkon books when I went to buy them all. (This was also before they were all out, so I need to pick up Burning House, too. Thanks for the reminder.) I really enjoyed the Gorkon books I've read, but the prospect of a meatier Klingon space battle has me salivating. Thanks for writing such great stuff!
That's because it's not an IKS Gorkon book, it's a stand alone story under the The Lost Era banner. It's about The Bretreka Nebula Incident that Bashir and Garak mentioned in The Way of the Warrior.
Here's the description:
The Art of The Impossible back cover wrote:
To the Cardassians, it is a point of pride. To the Klingons, a matter of honor. But the eighteen-year cold war between these two empires euphemistically remembered in later years as the Betreka Nebula "Incident" creates a vortex of politics, diplomacy, and counterintelligence that will define an age, and shape the future. What begins as a discovery that would enable the Klingon Empire to reclaim a lost piece of its past becomes a prolonged struggle with the rapidly expanding Cardassian Union, which has claimed dominion over a region of space that the Klingons hold sacred. Enter the Federation, whose desire to preserve interstellar stability leads Ambassador Curzon Dax to broker a controversial and tenuous peace one that is not without opponents, including Lieutenant Elias Vaughn of Starfleet special ops. But there are wheels within wheels to the drama unfolding in the Betreka Nebula. Within the shadowy rooms of the Cardassian Obsidian Order, Klingon Intelligence, and even the Romulan Tal Shiar, secret scales are being balanced and for every gain made for the sake of peace, there will come a loss.
If you have any interest in Klingons, Cardassians, or the era between TOS and TNG you seriously need to read this book. It also features
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