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Re: X-Men: Apocalypse announced for May 2016

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I wonder who they'll cast as Apocalypse. I'd suggest Clancy Brown, but I think he would be better suited as Cable. This might be retreading a somewhat similar character in The Mummy movies, but Arnold Vosloo would be cool too.
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^Idris Elba?
Ron Perlman?
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Hmm, well, En Sabah Nur is supposed to be a native of what's now Jordan, so ideally he should be played by someone from that part of the world, or someone who can pass for it. Alexander Siddig, Naveen Andrews, somebody like that. Although that may be expecting too much of Hollywood.
While I would love to see more non-white actors in these kinds of movies, I figured that Apocalypse would be either CGI or covered in so much makeup that his race wouldn't be an issue. I was going more for overall body shape and voice.
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