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Re: X-Men: Apocalypse announced for May 2016

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In the IDW ongoing comic they are showing Khan's youth with the correct ethnicity so will presumably hand-wave away Cumberbatch's ethnicity as a disguise to protect his identity.

Additionally, Apocalypse sometimes usurps other bodies when his own wears out and he's a shapeshifter so handsome young white dude is more likely than anything else sadly.
I'm reading that too, but I assumed that Khan is going to die getting them aboard the Botany Bay, and Ricardo Khan is going to say to Bendict Khan with his dying breath: "Now you are Khan!"
The timelines don't diverge until 2233. Ricardo Khan must become Benedict Khan after that point.

Christopher wrote:
It's within the possible range of human variation but far beyond what you could ethically ask of any live performer.
Other than Christian Bale.
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