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Re: "They're just trying to decide whether a twenty year-old Klingon B

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I think the biggest mistake they made was leaving the TNG movies in the hands of the people behind the TV shows.
I've often thought this too. 1994 was the point where Star Trek was united under one banner. No longer were there seperate teams working on the movies independently of the TV show. In one way it made sense because it unifed the brand, but in another way it meant decisions were being made about the movies by "TV people" who were all so used to working on TV scripts, and they brought that kind of limited syndicated TV thinking along with them. It also meant that Berman and his teams were being stretched pretty thin, which had an impact on the TV material as well.

Say what some might about some of the TOS movies, they all had genuine ambition. The people who made them were thinking "bigger than TV", they were thinking the audience wanted something they couldn't just get on TV. I never felt that Berman's teams were working that way. They seemed to be just churning these movies out like they were all individual episodes of a TV show, trying to meet a predetermined quota for the season. The 'sausage factory' approach that is suited to television production... but these are movies, they've gotta be better than that.

I'd have rathered the movies were still put together by their own team, independent of the TV shows, who could be autonomous enough to make decisions for a movie audience.
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