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You can also blame Rick Berman and Ronald D Moore for Kirk and Picard making eggs and riding horses. Braga wanted Kirk and Picard doing action hero shit on their respective ships against Soran. Listening to the GEN commentary you get the impression that Braga, Moore and Berman did not want to do what people expected, and instead strove to do things unexpected and off beat. It's outside of the box thinking yes, but sometimes the box is their for a reason.
In a way it was Jeri Taylor's fault because she was the one that actually encouraged them to do something off beat. Originally the introduction of the Enterprise was supposed to be heroic. We see the station get attacked by Romulans, suddenly the Enterprise sweeps in to save the day. Jeri Taylor then said "that's boring, you should do something more off beat and quirky, make it fun". Thus, our introduction to the TNG crew on the big screen is a holodeck program of the old sailing ship with everyone in costume. From then on, Moore and Braga kept up with Taylor's advice of going for the unexpected, off beat kind of thing. It's ironic, cause Beverly tells Data "live in the moment, do something unexpected" and when Data tries (pushing her into the water) it's a failure.
That's bugged me for years--ever since I heard the story!

Wait, so the script starts the movie off with a bang Ent-D vs. a Warbird (which was never done in the series) and then Taylor convinces them to ditch that and they come up with a F-ing BSD holodeck scenario----a BORING holodeck scenario!????

Oh well, the movie's final ship vs. ship battle will make up for it!!

Uh no--no it didn't.

Why oh why couldn't they have at least used the new Klingon ship it took them 5 years to build??

Oh wait, they needed to reuse the Trek 6 explosion---that makes sense.

Double fail.
Your post and your avatar go together *so* perfectly. Hat's off to you!
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