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Re: The TWOK Enterprise's torpedo bay revisited

The TAS ship's protruding tube:

(NOTE: The Klingon/Romulan Battle Cruiser of the animated series was slightly different from how it appeared on the original series. The animated vessel had a protuding sensor array on the forward hull and two small horizontal bars on either side of the rear of the connecting pylon. The original series ship had a flush-mounted sensor and no small horizontal bars. The reason for this difference is simple. It appears that the animators used a store-bought AMT Klingon ship model kit as an aid to drawing the ship for the series. The model kit instructions incorrectly directed the model builder to make the forward sensor protude. The kit also comes with the aforementioned horizontal pylon bars, called "B.R. tubes" in the instructions. View the Model Instruction Sheets: Front, 218 KB gif and Back, 139 KB gif ).

Picture of Battlecruiser 1 (33KB jpeg)
Picture of Battlecruiser 2 (33KB jpeg)
Picture of Battlecruiser 3 (33KB jpeg)
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