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Re: Thoughts about Filmmaking

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Is it about resting points perhaps? In recent films I feel that I have no place in the films where my mind can rest and reflect on what is happening right now. Sometimes it even feels like the characters make decisions way too quickly? It's like stuff is over choreographed? You can see that in some fight scenes in a few movies, where fights look like a dance rather than an actual fight, simply because each of the opponents knows what attack they have to block before it even happens.

This is a problem I have with The Dark Knight. An excellent film, yes. But it's also one that delivers big scene after big scene and after a certain point, doesn't stop to let you catch your breath.
In prose writing, there's the concept of scene and sequel that comes to mind here.

It's almost like action and reaction. Something important happens, the character processes it, and then the story moves on. I think many movies focus on the scene at the expense of sequel, which becomes tiring and confusing for many viewers.
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