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Re: "They're just trying to decide whether a twenty year-old Klingon B

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It would've been nice to see it go out all guns blazing, instead of getting off one phaser shot and firing a "full spread" of ONE photon torpedo!
Yeah, do we know what was up with that? Did ILM make a mistake with the opticals? Did they not read the script? I would assume the line "Full Spread" implies something more spectacular.

See, this is the thing. The Enterprise being taken down isn't really the issue. It's that she goes down in such a lame way. We'd already seen better battles on the TNG tv series!
I'm guessing the fullspread line was already there when it was decided to reuse TUC's BOP blast. So where would all the other torpedoes in the spread go, they'd have to animate those going through the stock shot?
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