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Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

I'll have to admit that I've watched this episode three times in the last couple of weeks. Sure, it's not the "best" episode, but there's much to like:

1) The late, great Steve Ihnat as Lord Garth - Over-the-top doesn't begin to describe his performance! Love the little changes in his voice, from high-pitched adolescent, to lo-voiced psycho. "Si-lience!"

2) Shatner as Garth - The scene in the beginning when Garth assumes Kirk's form. Shatner as Garth laughs, has a temper tantrum and hams it up, as if the Shat needed a reason.

3) The Restrained McCoy - Too much Tri-Ox compound, perhaps? Kelley is positively medicated here! He's not even angry!

4) Yvonne Craig as Marta - After watching her here, I flipped on the Wild, Wild West season one DVD set and watched “The Night of the Grand Emir”, where the lovely Yvonne does another dance, back in 1965-66.

5) The Return of the Neural Neutralizer - Yes, some form of continuity! Even Kirk says he recognizes it! Also note the Federation Nut House uniforms making another appearance. Keye Luke's uni looked pretty baggy. Guess james Gregory's size was bigger.

6) "Queen to Queen's Level Three"- Classic, my friends.

Your thoughts are appreciated, "Whom Gods Destroy" lovers...
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