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Re: Star Trek Alternate History

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If Trek history had any realism to it, the Americans would have murdered the Vulcans during First Contact and raided their technology ...
Would depend heavily on what part of America the Vulcans landed in, given tha they landed in the western section< I think what we saw is what would actually happen, the people around the landing site would introduce themselves and invite the Vulcan to socialize at a nearby cantina. Some drink, good music, a little dancing, and lots and lots of talk.

It goes without saying that no one would notify the government.

They'd probably just screw it up.

Well, if Earth got turned into a post-apocalyptic hellhole like we saw in First Contact, with the entire world engulfed in factional conflict, and some aliens landed in a shiny new spaceship full of advanced technology, the first thing on MY mind wouldn't be to get drunk with them and start kissing their butts. It's much more likely I'd be dissecting them AND their spacecraft to ensure MY faction's continued survival.

But Cochrane always did favor the bottle...
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