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Re: Best Audio Book?

Finally finished the Last Thomas Covenant Book and, so, back to The Whoniverse.

Listened to Gallifrey Series 6, and loved it. Lots of Timey-Wimeyness and Temporal Techno-Babble (Lala Ward is fantastic with reciting Techno-babble). I especially loved Narvin's idea at the end, and then Romana's Revelation of what she did. A very fitting end to the Series, IMHO. Listening to the Behind the Scenes disk now, and then on to a group of about 10 of the First 50, and then the last 5 or 6 Main Range releases from my Subscription.

The December Main Range (that gives you Trial Of The Valleyard as a bonus, if your subscription includes December) is released. Anyone know when Trial of The Valleyard will be available for download, since it's Requirement release is out?
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