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DS9 Caption Contest 85: Certifiably Insane?

Two words about the delay; damn computer. With that well behind me, we move on to...

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Captains Log: Quark recording. After taking control of Deep Space Nine, as part of his plan to retake DS9, Sisko has taken over the bar and is serving Creole food. This will be my last entry as Captain. Dangit.
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Gul Dukat: Oh, come on, Benjamin! Surely a compliment wouldn't hurt. Say it!
Sisko, resigned: Fine. Fine! Diabolical, I'll give you. But I will not refer to your latest scheme as masterfully cunning.
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Sisko: I still can't believe that Changeling porn exists, let alone that Quark has some.

Bashir: Rule 34, sir.
Mistral wrote: View Post

Weyoun: "Your move, Captain."

Sisko: "I love electronic Jenga!"

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Worf: Prepare yourselves for the worst. Torture, malnutrition, inhumane conditions....

O'Brien: Worse than sipping international flavored cappuccinos with Keiko's book club?

Sisko: You're making Julian cry.
The multi-caption winners;

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FEMALE CHANGELING: Push Odo. Push! The baby's almost here!

BASHIR: Wait, Odo's female?

FEMALE CHANGELING: Actually,all Changelings are female.

SISKO: Can I be the one to tell Kira?
Bashir: Why? Wasn't the "Uncle Kurzon is now Aunt Jadzia" talk with Jake hard enough?




Here are the next five pictures for captioning purposes.

Have fun and happy holidays!
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