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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Some spoilers, but I guess it's been long enough since the publication to hide them. Anyway, they're below, so if you want to avoid them, don't read

I loved that finally someone was remembering Garak's dark and nasty past and that whitewashing so present in other Treklit was not present here (to the same degree).

What I didn't like is that such a person, which such past, became a ruler of the whole Union. The "oh, I so don't want to be like my horrible daddy" didn't impress me. Garak should be tried for his crimes (if not anything else, then at least to remind that torture, murder and other bad deeds do not go forgotten and forbidden), not elected to power. It seems only a Bajoran shared my view on this

I love the book, I loved the intrigue, the mystery, the complications and I read it with great pleasure. I love it also for calling on Garak's past, because I'm tired of him being elected to an "awesome, perfect Cardassian" just because he's popular among fans. I'm disappointed about the ending, because, in a way, it cancelled the whole "past Order torturer" plot.

But that's just me, because I come from a country where we try to imprison our Garaks, not elect them presidents :P
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