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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Maurice wrote: View Post

I think you can safely disregard all the windows on that oversize section that don't actually appear on screen.
In case somebody features these extra windows in renderings of the ship we now know whom to blame... It's a little difficult, at least for me, to "unlearn" what you've just revealed to us.

But seriously, I don't consider these extra windows as "contradictions" but most definitely as welcome supplements.

From TOS we know that shuttered windows (e.g. "Mark of Gideon") is not a concept unknown to Starfleet vessels. Obviously they usually don't show up on the exterior when we get a closer look of the ships.

As previous debates have shown it's rather a question, as Donny so eloquently put it, whether we prefer to interpret the Enterprise rather as a submarine, a cruise ship or a starship.

The only true contradiction, IMHO, is the starboard side shot of the enlarged torpedo bay section in ST III which lacks Docking Port 2 (apparently, ILM only built the enlarged section for port side shots and therefore omitted this detail).

Maurice wrote: View Post
If I cared about such details I'd go a completely different direction than y'all, I'd just pick a primary source (i.e. the primary shooting model) and disregard contradictory details from partial, small scale and later CGI models in favor of that.
If I were forced to have only one choice, I'd also go with the primary shooting model, but the enlarged sections feature additional details I'd find difficult to just discard these.

Honestly I was a bit disappointed that the actual torpedo bay front view of the large model lacked detail and refinement.

But as it looks bigjimslade is considering some minor improvements to his plans, so maybe for the 35th Anniversary of TMP next December we might see some really perfect renderings that could make it to the bonus section of an upcoming Blu-ray (hopefully better than that superficial CGI tour of the TOS Enterprise on the TOS Blu-rays).

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