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Re: Thoughts about Filmmaking

The PG-13 audience that these pictures are aimed at have to be taken into consideration, as well. They've seen it all, already, in the first place. Every effect and style of storytelling has been presented to them, some way, or another. And empathy is one thing that people seem to have a big problem with. They simply cannot, or will not, put themselves into other people's shoes. And it does seem that is responded to, actually, with the way characterizations are set up.

Peter Jackson's LOTR Trilogy has been presented as an exception here, but the "firsts" involved in it's never having been a movie before and the classic importance of Tolkien's trilogy lent themselves to a sort of restraint, in an attempt, at least, to be somewhat faithful to the books. It's worth noting how directors like Peter Jackson, still talk about how FX have become so easily accessible that audiences know their source and become less impressed by them, so now, the emphasis of a movie becomes the story. Strangely, this sentiment is seldom acted upon, much less delivered by those same directors ...
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