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Re: What if they used their tech to the fullest?

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Nemesis gave us rank pip-sized transporters.
That was only an enhancer and/or remote, not an actual transporter.
According to the film, it was a transporter. The Enterprise's transporters gave up the ghost once Picard beamed to the Scimitar. If it were just a pattern enhancer, they would have called it that.

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TNG and ST'09 gave us a software patch that gives extremely extreme range.
And how much energy did they require and how safe were they?
We saw it used from a shuttle and a backback-sized portable transporter device. Can't take any more energy than a standard transport.

Perhaps only safe to use in the space between the galaxies. Also was this not the basis for Excelsior's transwarp drive?
It can't be the Excelsior's transwarp, since that didn't work and the Kelvan mods to the Enterprise did.
Even if it only worked between galaxies, Starfleet would have immediately started using it and sending ship on long-term missions - they're explorers!
You're missing the point. It's instead of bending over backwards to explain how these technological advances somehow don't count, it's wondering what Trek would be like if they learned from it all. If we had a machine that we use almost every day which with a minor software patch could render us immortal, we wouldn't fret about whether it was right or wrong to do so (a fringe group might protest, but the majority of the Federation's trillions? Not a chance.) It would be used that way and change society forever.
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