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Re: "They're just trying to decide whether a twenty year-old Klingon B

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"They're just trying to decide whether a twenty year-old Klingon Bird of Prey is any match for the Federation flagship."

No, Picard, they were working of their cunning plan to take your ship down, and in case you didn't notice, they succeded. Also with that same 20-year old spaceship (which isn't that much older than your 8-year one).

Picard doesn't respect his enemy. Oh the irony. And I dont see why the Klingons love him so much. Anyway, so much for the Enterprise-D.
They left off a zero - that Bird of Prey is the same type Kirk and company went back in time with, and virtually identical (longer wings, fewer disruptor banks) to the type Arik Soong and his Augments stole a century before that - and that one looked just as rusty and worn out as the ones in TNG/DS9 did! I guess we were supposed to pretend it looked different.

As for the Enterprise-D, my jaw was on the floor when it was destroyed... in "Time Squared". After episodes like "Cause and Effect" and "All Good Things" I was completely bored of the Enterprise-D exploding. And besides, it looked like a pleasure yacht on the outside and an 80 hotel on the inside.
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