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Re: Looking for books with space battles...

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There's a space battle scene in The Art of the Impossible, one of the Lost Era novels, that has stuck with me. I don't remember how long it is but I do remember it jumped back and forth between both sides. And it focuses on non-tv characters. There's only that one space battle that I remember but I like the rest of the book as well.
Yeah, the first several chapters of The Art of the Impossible culminate in a battle between Cardassian and Klingon ships, and there are a few other space battles here and there throughout the rest of the book.

Thanks for the kind words, Ronny.
I plan to read that one. For some reason, it wasn't listed as one of the IKS Gorkon books when I went to buy them all. (This was also before they were all out, so I need to pick up Burning House, too. Thanks for the reminder.) I really enjoyed the Gorkon books I've read, but the prospect of a meatier Klingon space battle has me salivating. Thanks for writing such great stuff!

@ everyone else, I've got the Vanguard books coming in, so thanks for the recommendations. I've added the other books to my wishlist, too. How much of the Mirror Universe do I need to read for Rise Like Lions? Also, is there a lot of starship action in the Destiny trilogy?

And I haven't read Vendetta since it came out, but I would love to own a model of the Planet killer.
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